PCL Qube Inflation System With 4 Hoses

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PCL Air Technology Preset Tire Inflator Kit With 4 25ft Hose
Key Product Benefits
Consistent cost effective provision of high levels of safe inflation services
Low life time costs - long product life with robust design and proven electronics
Plug and play - tire inflator with 3 pre-selectable application modes
Fits all applications - general, tire shop and N2
Low and simple maintenance
Guaranteed accuracy with individual testing

Key Product Features
3 modes in one inflator
Mode 1 - Standard inflate / deflate
Mode 2 - Tireshop mode with overpressure
Mode 3 - N2 fill and air to N2 Conversion
Electronic pressure preset
Auto-start inflation
Touch screen technology
Clear display for easy customer usage
Space-saving and lightweight design
Robust, high reliability engineering plastic housing
Ceramic sensor - accuracy to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
Can inflate accurately with hoses up to 160' in length

Accuracy: California 2psi Accuracy Standard (to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading)
Reading Accuracy: 1psi
Max Inlet Pressure: 217psi
Inflation flow: 88cfm @ 145psi supply