Norco 76721A Ultra-Low Profile

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Norco 20 Ton Air Operated Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Ultra-Low Profile)
- Made for all applications that require a low lift height.
Fast efficient air pump reduces lifting time and has a built-in relief mechanism which prevents the jack from being used beyond its maximum allowable capacity.
Convenient push button air valve connected to an in-line filter prevents contaminates from entering the air/hydraulic system.
Unique design allows for manual operation when air is not available.
Two-piece zinc-plated handle.
Parkerized coating on pump piston and chrome coated ram offer protection against rust.
Longer wear life due to internally machined oil passages, smooth bearing surfaces and close tolerances.
Safety bypass and overload systems prevent cylinder damage and prevent the jack from being used beyond the ASME/PASE load-limiting standard.
Carrying handle.
Low Lift Height 7.75"
High Lift Height 11.75"
Stroke 4"
Screw Extension N/A"
Base Size 6.44" x 9"
P.S.I. Range 100-130
Shipping Weight
36 lbs.