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TSISSG Amermac 501-A TSISSG Amermac 525 5 Hp
TSISSG Amermac 501-A
Our Price: $2,099.95
TSISSG Amermac 525 5 Hp
Our Price: $5,771.95
TSISSG Amermac Electronic Strobe Balancer
- Strobe Wheel Balancers have been around for years, and there is no more accurate way to balance a tire and wheel assembly than on the vehicle.

- When balancing a tire and wheel assembly on the vehicle you are also balancing the rotor or drum and hub assembly which insures a better balance.

- Strobe balancing a wheel and tire is more accurate than using conventional methods.

- The Amermac 501-A Electronic Strobe Balancer is the companion component to the Amermac 525 Wheel Spinner.

- The Amermac 501-A Electronic Strobe Balancer delivers fast precision balancing on the vehicle.

- No special wheel attachments are required. The flashing strobe indicator pin points exact placement of wheel weights. Balancing jobs go out profit more!
TSISSG Amermac Heavy Duty Wheel Spinner
- The low profile 525 Amermac Wheel Spinner allows for easy access under lower body style cars and trucks.

- Completely portable the 525 Amermac Wheel Spinner will handle passenger cars all the way up to heavy duty truck applications, including rear wheels and drive duals.

- The Amermac 525 Wheel Spinner is available in either 7.5 H.P., 220 Volt, 3 Phase or 5 H.P., 220 Volt, Single Phase.

44 in. length x 39 in. weight x 30 in. height; 340lbs shipping weight