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Coats 8113621 Coats 8183491 Coats 8184052
Coats 8113621
Our Price: $496.95
Coats 8183491
Our Price: $132.95
Coats 8184052
Our Price: $355.95
Coats Storage Cabinet For Tire Changers
Coats Bump-N-Roll
- For 50, 60 & 70 Series Tire Changers
Coats Manual Bead Roller Kit
- For 5030 Through 7065 Rim Clamp Tire Changers

Coats 84356851 Coats 85009184 Coats 85606462
Coats 84356851
Our Price: $83.95
Coats 85009184
Our Price: $1,849.95
Coats 85606462
Our Price: $274.95
Coats Drop Center Mounting Tool
Coats Air Check Digital Tire Inflator
- For All Rim Clamps Tire Changers
Coats X Series Duckhead Roller

Coats 85606545 Coats 85608609 Coats 85609077
Coats 85606545
Our Price: $545.95
Coats 85608609
Our Price: $1,169.95
Coats 85609077
Our Price: $437.95
Coats X Series Auxiliary Bead Seater
- For Tire Changers
Coats Coats Point Of Use Lift System

Coats X Series Manual Bead Depressor & Duckhead Roller Combo

Eco-Line TC979 Eco-Line TC980 Eco-Line TCHA24 Robo Arm
Eco-Line TC979
Our Price: $30.40
Eco-Line TC980
Our Price: $41.96
Eco-Line TCHA24 Robo Arm
Our Price: $999.95
Eco-Line Low Profile Mounting Bead Holder

Eco-Line Screw Type Heavy Duty Mounting Bead Holder

Eco-Line Helper Arm For TC3024 Swing Arm Tire Changer
Two roller arms to press the bead into the wheel. The easy to operate up/down lever raises up or pushes down the tire bead into the drop center to allow changing the most difficult tires. The main cylinder is equipped with a bead pressing block for pushing the bead into place or use the roller arms. The TCHA24 is also equipped with a lifting disc for raising the lower bead into the proper position as needed. Max Force pressure is 400KG at 8 bar air supply. - Max Wheel Diameter 49 in.