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Ateq VB01 Ateq VT-30 Ateq VT15
Ateq VB01
Our Price: $139.95
Ateq VT-30
Our Price: $249.95
Ateq VT15
Our Price: $134.95
Ateq TPMS Sensor Checking Box
The ATEQ Check Box was created to allow tire repair shops and garages to test sensors prior mounting them into the wheel.
Ateq Universal TPMS Tool
The ATEQ VT30 is a universal TPM sensor decoder or activator. Compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors, its PC software makes sure that it stays up-to-date with new TPMS sensors introduced each year. Designed to last in tough environments like tire repair shops, The VT30 can handle medium volume testing thanks to its 9V battery.

- Activates and decodes all TPM sensors and and can turn the warning light off for vehicles with TPMS "learn mode" procedures (Most Domestics). The VT30 WILL NOT reset the light on Import cars such as Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Toyota, Acura, Nissan, Lexus, Kia... These vehicles require a QuickSet tool or VT55 OBDII.
- Displays the sensor information on the screen and helps troubleshooting faulty sensors.
- Displays or provides PC print out of : Sensor ID, pressure, battery status, temperature, accelerometer, etc.
- Software updates via USB to a PC.
- Allows you to "wake up" asleep or dormant sensors from shipping mode.

Ateq Universal Activator

The ATEQ VT15 universal trigger tool to activate tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors to reset or relearn the sensor ID.

- Low cost
- Easy to use
- Triggers all known sensors on the market
Ateq VT55-OBDII Ateq VT56-OBDII Dill 5212
Our Price: $1,199.95
Our Price: $2,199.95
Dill 5212
Our Price: $33.50
Ateq Universal TPMS Tool Kit
ATEQ's VT55 OBDII TPMS decoder / activator
The best way to turn the tire warning light OFF!

In addition to the US manufactured vehicles, the ATEQ VT55 OBDII reprograms Asian or European vehicles (including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru etc) which do not feature a TPMS "learn mode".

For the vehicule's requiring an OBDII relearn, ATEQ's VT55 OBDII includes a universal OBD connector which interfaces with the vehicle's ECU via CANbus or K-line. Technicians only have to select the make of the vehicle, trigger the tire sensors and transfer the IDs.

It is that easy and fast to accurately activate and decode TPMS sensors and display their data or any faults they may have. Training is nearly nonexistant as the whole process is displayed on-screen. So even the newest recruted technician can use the VT55 OBDII.
The VT55 is a continuously evolving tool thanks to software updates adding functionality, features and user-friendliness while keeping the same hardware. No need to buy a new tool because there are new sensors on the market or new features available.
Ateq Universal TPMS Diagnostics Tool Kit

- TPMS Sensor Part Number Look-up (OE and Aftermarket)

- Works with Universal and Programmable Sensors

- Saves TPMS Service History on-board and PC

- Built-in TPMS service tips
Dill TPMS Handbook
- System Description
- Normal Operation
- Service Summary
- Relearn/Initialize Procedures
- Tips and Troubleshooting
- Direct and Indirect Systems

Prema H-46 + OBDII Starter Bundle
Prema H-46 TPMS Diagnostic Tool With OBDII And Sensor Bundle
- Includes OBDII Module, (16)315 Mhz Sensors, (4)433 Mhz Sensors, User CD & Universal Charger
- Activates and reads TPMS sensors of all vehicle brands
- Programs U-PRO sensors within seconds
- Provides manual, auto, and indirect relearn procedure information
- OBDII module included
- Option to add other universal aftermarket sensors available
- Displays all sensor data in seconds: ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery status
- Select vehicles via make, model, year look-up
- Easy to read 2.8in color display
- User-friendly navigation and command buttons
- Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
- Interface in multiple languages
- Charger and USB cable included